Pimp My Ride

Yo DawgCustomising Cars is big in America. You know… The whole “Pimp My Ride” deal? I’m sure you’ve seen the memes. But over here in the UK, the extent of ride pimping seems to only reach those people who buy a cheap car, make the engine obnoxiously loud and then play that terrible noise that passes for music these days, almost as loudly as their engine.

Why is that? Laziness? Lack of creativity? Fear of expressing our own individuality? Maybe it’s something as simple as lacking the means to do so.

Fortunately, if it’s the last one, there’s an easy remedy for this.

Say you were an entrepreneur, and you already had a logo ready to go, but you didn’t know how to transfer it onto your company vehicles, that’s where companies like Signcraft come in, you just send them the design and they can put it onto your car for you!

Of course, you shouldn’t feel limited to just using it for business vehicles, as I said at the start, use it to pimp your ride!! Maybe you support a football team? You could put their emblem on your car! Or maybe you’re an avid golfer, why not have an image of your favourite links on your car? (“Yo dawg, I heard you like golf, so we put a golf club on yo’ car so you can drive while you drive.”)

Anyway, here’s their website: www.signcraft.co.uk

And here’s a funny video:


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