When I’m 64

old & youngBit of a downer this one…

Ageing affects (not effects) us all; some age gracefully, others, unfortunately, not so. One of the biggest problems elderly people can face is the possibility of getting dementia. Dementia can affect anyone and doesn’t just cause memory loss but also loss of logic and, subsequently, their confidence. Even automatic tasks like eating can be forgotten.

Usually elderly people also have to cope with losing their motor skills and aren’t as physically able as they were. Quite often they’re fiercely independent and want to stay at home rather than care homes, and who can blame them? Care homes are just friendly prisons for many of the residents.

There are some great products out there to help old people, one example would be mobility scooters from www.classicmobility.org.uk or walk in baths from www.practicalbathing.co.uk.

However, the most important thing to most old people is to feel valued and have friends to talk to.

Plus the scooters are absurdly fun. Trust me.

Just don’t do this…


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