Putting the “Fun” in “Funeral”

white flowersSo the spreading of ashes is meant to be a sombre time… Well not always.

When my nan’s ashes were spread recently, things didn’t go to plan. We took her remains to where my granddad’s were scattered (as she wanted). It took a while for the Crematorium to establish where this actually was, as they were scattered 18 years ago, so the ashes spent a year in a temporary urn until recently.

My two uncles met at the crematorium to scatter the ashes but after chatting to another family there, there seemed to be some question as to whether a fee should be payable. Unprepared for this and unsure whether or not the ashes could be openly scattered without recourse, my uncles devised a plan based on The Great Escape (fantastic film, by the way)… the ashes were emptied into a Marks & Spencer carrier bag (which “she would have liked” as she loved shopping in M&S) and a corner was cut off to enable the ashes to be sprinkled as it was carried around the crematorium.

It seems that there were quite a few ashes and it was taking some time so, to speed up the process, my uncle decided to re-enact a scene from The Sound of Music, twirling around like an idiot whilst the ashes whizzed out of the bag in a vortex…

What should have been a sombre time ended with everyone there laughing their heads off…

But if you don’t want something QUITE so eventful, then maybe you’d be better off keeping your loved ones ashes closer, in an attractive urn. Then this site has some pretty nice stuff: cremation urns company.

Normal urns and even some jewellery so you can keep your loved ones nearby.

As always, I’ll leave you with a funny, yet appropriate clip:


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