Gotta Love the Classics

1949 BentleyNow, I love old cars. Or classics. Don’t get me wrong, some new cars look great and they’re obviously improving all the time, but my favourite car of all time is an Aston Martin DB5. A classic. A great car. James Bond. 007.

I do, of course love other classics, the cars of the 50s/60s were great.

Obviously these classics would be really expensive nowadays (and no doubt back then, too!) but that doesn’t mean people won’t want them! I mean you see them all the time at weddings! Which also means people can clearly afford them. How? Rent them of course!

And LUCKY FOR YOU… I’ve found a great site for for just that! is the place! If you’re betrothed, Check ’em out!

And keeping the tradition going… A RELATED VIDEO!!


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