So, Ben Affleck has been announced as Batman and IMMEDIATELY there’s been bat-hate directed towards him.

Really? I mean REALLY!? You haven’t seen the guy as Batman, you’ve seen him as other things and, as bad as he may or may not have been in those parts, those parts were not Batman. Were you there at the auditions? No, you weren’t. Maybe the guy’s a PERFECT Batman? Maybe he’s better than Kevin Conroy? (Nah, you’re right, No one can beat Conroy.) But maybe, JUST maybe, he’s good in his own right? You haven’t seen him as Batman yet so give him a chance.

That’s what I’m doing. If he’s bad then it’s a shame. But that’s just it, IF he’s bad! I haven’t seen him yet and neither have you! And he’s got Zack Snyder backing him; he must have been hired for a reason!!

He’s got a tough act to follow, sure. Christian Bale was brilliant. My favourite live action Batman and second favourite Batman over all after Kevin Conroy. Plus, Bale holds the title of my favourite “I’m Batman”:

And nobody was pleased with Keaton’s casting as Batman and look how well that turned out! And nobody liked Heath Ledger’s casting as the Joker and look how AMAZINGLY well THAT turned out!!

Just keep an open mind. I am.

And besides, he can’t be worse than this:

(Sorry, George, I love you really. Just not as Batman)

HUMOURUS VIDEO (Check out the whole series, it’s brilliant.)


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