Get’cha Head in the Game

GTA V, or Grand Theft Auto V is nearly out and man, am I excited!

I’m not the only one of course, it is HUGELY anticipated! It’s arguably going to be the biggest game release… ever, maybe! I’ll apologise now if you’re not a gamer, but then, why should I, I haven’t apologised for any other posts you might not be interested in. And besides, it’s not like you HAVE to read this.

Anyway, it’s hugely anticipated! And so it should be! I mean… LOOK AT THIS!!!


Anyway, there’s been controversy surrounding the series for ages “X killed y because of GTA” no. Stop. X did not do it because of GTA, X did it because there was something wrong with X. So if X didn’t kill someone because of GTA, why did X do it? I dunno, there was probably something wrong with him to start with. Or revenge. Or maybe he’s upset that he’s got a stupid name like X.

Is it because he found the game fun so he thought he’d recreate the game? No. If he found the game fun, he’s keep playing it, wouldn’t he? The fact that a murderer (or whatever) just HAPPENS to have a copy of GTA, doesn’t mean it’s the game’s fault. Like I said, the game is massively popular, so it’s actually quite likely that he’s going to have a copy. And, as it IS so popular, then why did this ONE person out of the MILLIONS who bought the game decide to commit a felony because of the game when millions of others didn’t? Coincidence, that’s why.

It’s just like any time there’s a shooting in the USA, they (usually the NRA) immediately blame video games or rock music or something. No. You know what it is? It’s your gun laws.

Maybe the shooter was bullied or something and, yeah, MAYBE he got the idea of murder from a game, but the game isn’t what made him decide he wanted to take a life (or several).

GTA is out September 17th which is WAY too far away. I cannot wait. I just wonder what people will blame it for this time round.

And I leave you this this: (Even if I do prefer Pepsi.)


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