Men at Work (Experience)

Have you ever heard of Goodwill Hunting? Not the film. It’s this fantastic conference that helps young people gain some much needed work experience in some top companies.

They’ve sent students on work experience placements to places like Viacom and some of their daughter companies, such as Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central.

How it works is, they hold a conference (surprise, surprise) in which an employee from one of the companies attends and answers questions asked by the attendees, after all the questions have been asked, There’s a break as the speaker goes over the asked questions and picks several questions that they think we’re exceptionally good and the students that asked the selected questions are given the opportunity to have work experience at the company the speaker works at.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get some much needed work experience at some top companies. This is especially great for media students as they get a chance to work in a media company and to make some contacts in a business that is very much about who you know.

Check them out, see what they do and see how you can help them to help others! Or see how they can help you!

Here’s their site:


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