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Halloween Team

Check out this Halloween video. It was written and performed by Shaun, a friend I teamed up with at college, who wanted help with some aspects of cinematography and directing.



Men at Work (Experience)

Have you ever heard of Goodwill Hunting? Not the film. It’s this fantastic conference that helps young people gain some much needed work experience in some top companies.

They’ve sent students on work experience placements to places like Viacom and some of their daughter companies, such as Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central.

How it works is, they hold a conference (surprise, surprise) in which an employee from one of the companies attends and answers questions asked by the attendees, after all the questions have been asked, There’s a break as the speaker goes over the asked questions and picks several questions that they think we’re exceptionally good and the students that asked the selected questions are given the opportunity to have work experience at the company the speaker works at.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get some much needed work experience at some top companies. This is especially great for media students as they get a chance to work in a media company and to make some contacts in a business that is very much about who you know.

Check them out, see what they do and see how you can help them to help others! Or see how they can help you!

Here’s their site:

Get’cha Head in the Game

GTA V, or Grand Theft Auto V is nearly out and man, am I excited!

I’m not the only one of course, it is HUGELY anticipated! It’s arguably going to be the biggest game release… ever, maybe! I’ll apologise now if you’re not a gamer, but then, why should I, I haven’t apologised for any other posts you might not be interested in. And besides, it’s not like you HAVE to read this.

Anyway, it’s hugely anticipated! And so it should be! I mean… LOOK AT THIS!!!


Anyway, there’s been controversy surrounding the series for ages “X killed y because of GTA” no. Stop. X did not do it because of GTA, X did it because there was something wrong with X. So if X didn’t kill someone because of GTA, why did X do it? I dunno, there was probably something wrong with him to start with. Or revenge. Or maybe he’s upset that he’s got a stupid name like X.

Is it because he found the game fun so he thought he’d recreate the game? No. If he found the game fun, he’s keep playing it, wouldn’t he? The fact that a murderer (or whatever) just HAPPENS to have a copy of GTA, doesn’t mean it’s the game’s fault. Like I said, the game is massively popular, so it’s actually quite likely that he’s going to have a copy. And, as it IS so popular, then why did this ONE person out of the MILLIONS who bought the game decide to commit a felony because of the game when millions of others didn’t? Coincidence, that’s why.

It’s just like any time there’s a shooting in the USA, they (usually the NRA) immediately blame video games or rock music or something. No. You know what it is? It’s your gun laws.

Maybe the shooter was bullied or something and, yeah, MAYBE he got the idea of murder from a game, but the game isn’t what made him decide he wanted to take a life (or several).

GTA is out September 17th which is WAY too far away. I cannot wait. I just wonder what people will blame it for this time round.

And I leave you this this: (Even if I do prefer Pepsi.)


So, Ben Affleck has been announced as Batman and IMMEDIATELY there’s been bat-hate directed towards him.

Really? I mean REALLY!? You haven’t seen the guy as Batman, you’ve seen him as other things and, as bad as he may or may not have been in those parts, those parts were not Batman. Were you there at the auditions? No, you weren’t. Maybe the guy’s a PERFECT Batman? Maybe he’s better than Kevin Conroy? (Nah, you’re right, No one can beat Conroy.) But maybe, JUST maybe, he’s good in his own right? You haven’t seen him as Batman yet so give him a chance.

That’s what I’m doing. If he’s bad then it’s a shame. But that’s just it, IF he’s bad! I haven’t seen him yet and neither have you! And he’s got Zack Snyder backing him; he must have been hired for a reason!!

He’s got a tough act to follow, sure. Christian Bale was brilliant. My favourite live action Batman and second favourite Batman over all after Kevin Conroy. Plus, Bale holds the title of my favourite “I’m Batman”:

And nobody was pleased with Keaton’s casting as Batman and look how well that turned out! And nobody liked Heath Ledger’s casting as the Joker and look how AMAZINGLY well THAT turned out!!

Just keep an open mind. I am.

And besides, he can’t be worse than this:

(Sorry, George, I love you really. Just not as Batman)

HUMOURUS VIDEO (Check out the whole series, it’s brilliant.)

Remember That Film Sliding Doors?

filming - morgue file free image downloadThis post is almost a self-plug… I’m a filmmaker. (Director, writer and editor…. Im also an actor, but let’s not get pedantic) And one thing I did recently was film a mini advert for

Check it out! And hey, while I’m self plugging myself, I’ll plug them! I actually have some of their doors and they’re pretty great! I mean I’m no expert but I think they’re a-door-able! (You’re right, too easy. It did make me sound rather Door-ky. No? Okay.)

Oh look! A related humorous video!

And while I’ve got you, check out the work I did for them! (For the record, I’m behind the camera. Not in front of it.