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Food, Glorious Food!

Hot sausage and mustard! If… you know… you’re into that sort of thing. That said, it’s a silly line isn’t it? “Hot Sausage”? Well… yeah… who wants a cold sausage? Plus, whenever I hear “Hot Sausage”, I just think of this:

Anyway, food. Glorious isn’t it? Sometimes. If well prepared. And something you like. No one likes to eat something they don’t like just because they have to… (Brussel Sprouts, I’m looking at you.) So obviously, you want to eat something you like! Especially at social gatherings, I mean nobody’s going to want to talk to you if you just start gagging when they tell you a “Funny” story about their kid who just started walking at 12 months. (Year. He’s a year old. Just say “One”.) So what do you do? Scrape off that awful spread and have a dry cracker? No. You’re going to eat something you enjoy. You know why? Because you got caterers!!

Oooh, a caterer? Look at you! Aren’t you clever? Well, no. You know why? Of course you don’t, you’re not clever (And neither am I, why am I insulting my audience I don’t hear you ask?). You need to get a caterer first and, how many people actually KNOW a caterer? A lot, I’d imagine, I doubt that caterers are short on friends… I mean… they can cook!!

Anyway, luckily for you, if you DON’T know any, I’ve just done the hard part for you!



This bonus link is also for people who can cook if they have those special secret ingredients, such as macadamia oil and fruity vinegars but they sell all sorts of luxury food from caviar to chocolates… and champagne! Plus gluten-free stuff!

Ain’t I good to ya!? You can thank me later.

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